Venue & Accommodation



We only accept photographs taken by a professional photographer and that you have the right to use. Please make sure you send the specifications to the phootgrapher so that he/she can send us the images as per the below specifications:

  • Send between 20 and 60 images.
  • 2024 px wide in JPG format. Minimum size that we will accept.
  • Send single images.
  • No logo’s, No Frames, No Text will be allowed on images.
  • Send all images via Dropbox or WeTransfer to and use your business name as the file name.


The Marketing Manager of Marketing Team have to answer the below questions. Do not use more than 100 words per answer. Send everything to and use your business name as the subject line.


If you do not have a venue, please skip the below questions and continue to the accommodation questions.

  • Venue name?
  • Do you just have a venue or do youalso offer accommodation?
  • How many guests can your venue accommodate?
  • What makes your venue different and why should couples get married at your venue?
  • Which facisilites do you have to offer at your venue?
  • Do you assist couples in the planning process of their wedding?
  • Do you do the catering in-house? If yes, please send us your menu.
  • Can couples bring in their own catering company?
  • Describe a wedding that will suit your venue best?


If you do not offer accommodation at your establishment, please skip the below questions.

  • Hotel or Guest House name?
  • How many guests can you accommodate?
  • Explain your different room types?
  • Which in-house facilities do you offer guests?
  • What star grading does your establishment have?
  • Send us your fact sheet for accommodation, which we can use to write the article.